Refund policy for Partners

In most cases, PickAqua like most Internet marketing companies cannot issue a refund for the services (e.g., partner consultations, Internet marketing services, water product photography, social media, customized adjustments, graphic design for social media made by PickAqua advertising your water in our app, and content writing) provided. However, if the cancellation has been made within the contract terms, full or partial refunds may be possible (depends on the terms of specific contract/agreement).

PickAqua uses third-party marketing platforms (most common social media and other media) to refund such payments is almost impossible once PickAqua has spent some finances on advertising your water in our app using third-party media such as Facebook or Instagram by refinding they will have to make a determination on their part as well.
As your product is registered and paid we automatically provide marketing actions for different social media platforms. If it is too late to stop publication of your product, we will not be able to issue any refunds or credits.
Once we have begun the service or labor on your subscription, project, accounts, orders etc., we do not issue refunds for any reason.
All services are offered at the client’s own responsibility: once you've purchased the Service or Subscription you may be able to cancel/stop it any time in accordance with Marketing Agreement but no refunds will be made due to the reasons mentioned above.

Pick Aqua does not have control over the policies, and practices of third-party companies/websites such as, but not limited to, Google, Yandex, Yahoo or similar sites/directories, social media companies and practices such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or similar businesses.